2022 Global Cyber University South Korea Scholarship for International Students

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Global Cyber University Scholarship

The South Korean Global Cyber University offers an amazing scholarship to international students annually. A very good number of foreign students have taken advantage of the scholarship in funding their academics through higher education. The main objective of the scholarship is to aid international students and avail them of different opportunities to carry out advanced research either during their undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

In South Korea, their higher education is subdivided into junior colleges, universities, and graduate programs. Each of the sections has its time duration it will take one to complete. In time past, the rapid development of information and communication technology has made e-learning simple for far distance students like masters and doctorate students.

Benefits of Studying in South Korea

Here are the benefits:

  • International recognized degrees from a reputable school
  • High level of innovation technology
  • Affordable tuition fees and cost of living
  • Availability of Scholarship

1. International Recognized Degrees from a reputable School:

Most South Korean institutions are recognized globally due to their high level of education. Certain things have contributed to their world recognition, such as high-quality teaching, good research facilities, high state-of-the-art infrastructure, etc.

2. High Level of Innovation Technology:

The country is one of the frontline countries regarding semiconductors, cars, ships, tech gadgets, chemicals, and machinery. It is through technology the country has been able to create tremendous changes in its economy from being part of the poorest countries to among the wealthiest within the past ten years.

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3. Affordable Tuition Fee and Cost of Living:

If you don’t want to break your entire savings trying to get a quality education, then, you can think of studying in South Korea. Also, the cost of living is affordable in different aspects such as accommodation, feeding, transportation, clothing, etc.

4. Availability of Scholarship:

Different scholarship programs are available to ginger students in pursuing their education and also get decent perks such as free tuition fee, flight ticket, accommodation, medical insurance, research support, resettlement allowance, etc.

Global Cyber University South Korea Scholarship Worth

The scholarship worth comes in different categories, and here they are:

  • Tuition fee –
  • Living allowance
  • Medical insurance
  • Research support
  • Resettlement allowance
  • Airfare
  • Language courses, etc.

Eligibility for Global Cyber University South Korea Scholarship

For you to have access to the scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants shouldn’t possess Korean citizenship
  • Applicants should have sound health both physically and mentally to stay in another country for a long time.
  • Both applicants and his or her parents must have legal citizenship of their country of origin.
  • Applicants should not be above 25 years old when applying for the scholarship.
  • Possess a cumulative grade point average of 80% and above from their previous education.
  • Possess either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree before their application
  • Applicants who have achieved any educational program in Korea are not eligible for the program.

Method of Application for Global Cyber University South Korea Scholarship

These are the proper methods for you to follow:

  • The application should be submitted to one of the partnering universities in Korea or to the Korean embassy you have citizenship with
  • Endeavor to follow the instructions regarding application guidelines to help you submit your application
  • No matter where you are living in Korea or another country, if you have applied for the scholarship through the embassy, you must try to submit the scholarship application to the Korean embassy in your country of residence.

Deadline for Global Cyber University South Korea Scholarship

Application for the scholarship begins in early September till mid-October. Every Korean institution has its deadline, but most deadlines are in October. It is preferable to apply on time to avoid the unnecessary rush that might lead to mistakes.

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Global Cyber University South Korea Scholarship comes with numerous benefits for successful candidates. You need to check the various eligibilities to ensure you are on the right track to be shortlisted amongst the successful candidates for the scholarship.