Spotify just like every other music streaming app was founded in Sweden. Spotify is an app basically for steaming diverse songs. Spotify was established in the year 2006. It was founded by a billionaire technologist and entrepreneur known as Daniel EK in 2006 and Sven Hans Martin Lorentzon who is also an entrepreneur from Swedish. He is not only the co-owner of Spotify but the co-founder of trade bubbler as well.

Spotify started was officially launched on the 7th of October 2008. The launching brought about subscriptions to any one of the users. The chief marketer of the Spotify is no other but Seth Parbman. Spotify has gone global round the world. Some artist has set a lot of records on Spotify and making more waves for themselves. Currently, the highest streamed of the day of release is XXX tenacious hit single titled sad which had over 10 million streams in just one day but the higher streamed song is Drake ft. Wizkid single title “One Dance” which was released in 2016 and it had over 1 billion streams on Spotify. Three years after the launch of Spotify it was said to have one million subscribers outside the continent of Europe. Over the years the subscribers grew more and the active users as well. As of early 2020, they had more than hundred and thirty (230) million subscribers and up to 20 million active users but along the line, they encountered slow response from customers due to the virus Covid19 pandemic. Spotify has also made a lot of achievement over the years which include; A data and analytic consulting firm company called Seed Scientific in 2015. In 2017, they also bought a detective startup for audios. A music intelligence company was also added to the list in the few years of existence. In recent years, Spotify has been able to add Gimlet media which has to do with podcast and anchor networks to their archive, sound better.


Ethiopia is not left out on access to good music quickly on Spotify because as they say good music is healing to the mind. As the day goes by people no longer make use of IPod just to listen to their favourite tunes rather with the help of apps like Spotify you can listen and stream song with your internet connection. For you to use Spotify in Ethiopia you have to first create an account on Spotify which is free, install the app on your computer, laptop or android phone and then stream millions of songs from all corners of the earth from the old songs to the recent ones.

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