Fruits are the edible part of a plant or the fleshy part of a plant that can be eaten at its raw state. Fruit can either be eaten raw; it can be canned or mashed up as well.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Fruits are needed regularly and should be consumed at most once in a day. According to biological terms, there are four layers of fruit which include the pericarp, the epicarp, mesocarp and endocarp

The epicarp is the out layer of a fruit, in some the epicarp is attached to the mesocarp while in others like coconut is detached. Endocarp is the innermost layer of the fruit. The fruit is a biological sign that maturing has taken place in a plant. There are three divisions of a fruit. Fruit can be dry dehiscent or dry indehiscent. A dry dehiscent fruit can give off seed while a dry indehiscent fruit cannot give off seeds.

Fruits are healthy for consumption, some fruits act as a supplement (vitamin) to the human body. Fruits like watermelon have a high content of water just like cucumbers. They help to solve the problem of dehydration. Generally, fruits which are high in water are also high on potassium and ions. Apples are good because it contains fibre and vitamin C in low content through. Kiwis have a high content of folate and also helps in the raise of vitamin B in the body. Bananas are loaded with a lot of mineral and vitamin supplements. Minerals such as potassium, magnesium, manganese and vitamins B6 and C. oranges, lemons, lime and grape are of the citrus family. They act as antioxidants and help in healing inflammation. Guava boosts the immune system. Most persons consume avocado because of its sugar content it’s very low.

There a lot of fruits that are being planted in Ethiopia. In the Southern part of Ethiopia, they cultivate berries mostly this is due to the fact that Ethiopians feed mostly on Ethiopian cereal diet which makes them lack vitamins. Thereby they adopted the means of cultivating wild fruits and berries in order to develop their level of vitamin required in the body. The fruits planted by the northern side of Ethiopia include; the false bananas, the cotton plants, the banana, papaya and the exotic trees. A town known as meki in meki which is a small town located in Addis Ababa is in demand for the hybrid fruit which gives different characteristics as they don’t come from the same parent.