Ababa Tesfaye

Acting involves playing and performing the art of pictorial roles in all media platforms. Acting involves the role being played by an actor or actress. The script would be given to them to read in order to be able to play the character in the story and after filming it will be displayed on television, theatres and phones and other modes of media mode.

Being an actor entails a lot. It involves a lot of fictional imagination, emotional swinging being able to express oneself physically, using your eyes to express your feeling as well able to speak loudly and speak fluently. Some persons can act naturally while others undergo a series of training just to meet up with the required skill, professionally and diverse techniques.

Actors of the old include Thespis and prom this word there was deduced another word thespian. The actor was found by Aristotle in the early century. The first film studio in the world was handled by Stanislavski whose method of teaching became popular in the west region of the world.

Acting in Ethiopia is amazing. They have the ability to tell their stories to the world. Here a list of actors that were and has been phenomenal, actors that ahs helped put Ethiopia on the map of the acting industry.

  1. Tespaye Sahlu: Tespaye Sahlu was born at the province of bale located in Ethiopia in the year 1923, June 27th. He was known for his ability to showcase his entertaining skills to the troops of Ethiopians that sewed in Korea war. He was not just an entertainer but a comedian and storybook author for kids. He was popularly known and he gained recognition due to his contribution to the children via the television programs for children that he started in the early age of his and the programs were broadcasted on the Ethiopian national television authority. The name of the program is “Lijoch Yezare Abebawoch Yenege Preywoch” which means “Children! Today’s Flowers, tomorrow’s fruit!” in English. He has won some many awards such as the Ethiopian Fine Art and mass media prize trust, he also received an award from the emperor Haile Selassie. He died on July 31, 2017, at the capital city of Ethiopia.
  2. Theodros Teshome and Kebede: He was brought into the film industry limelight for his contributions to the Ethiopian film industry. Theodore was spontaneous because of his ability to write stories, direct his own movies, produce films and act as well. Theodore was born in January 7, 1970. He produced and directed the movies of all time which includes Abay vs. Vegas and Kezkaza Welapegn. He has a lot of control when it comes to the film industry in Ethiopia.