2016 Model-Chevrolet

Cars are a means of transportation from one place to another. Luxurious cars are more expensive than the regular kind of cars this is due to the fact that the produce luxurious cars in limited volume. Cars are generally expensive to not just design but to construct as well; the tools involved in making those cars are expensive to purchase. The difference between a regular type of car and luxurious car is the fact luxurious cars are produced in limited quantity while the farmer is brought about by mass production. The more the models are few, the more you would be charged by the automakers for the design and the making as well as the tools. Here is the list of what makes a car costly or expensive:

  1. The Engine Power: Most car buyers are always demanding for cars with high engine powers. Some cars like redges possess horsepower 797. The higher the horsepower, the higher the engine power.
  2. Most Consumers of Vehicle wants everything to be controlled with power. Such the door lakes, windows, air condition, mini-televisions in the cars, the chairs and everything that comes with the car is controlled by the power that comes with the car.
  3. Some cars come with Android radios and those electronic systems are expensive, not just to buy but to maintain as well. And some others come with a display screen and some are connected wirelessly.
  4. Some cars come with higher features such as the ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance and Safety) these are features that increase the safety of the car, the ADAS features include the adaptive cruise that can identify danger from afar, the emergency braking, the feature that helps keep the car in lane, cameras and radar and none of this equipment is easy to buy. So it equally makes a car very expensive.

In Ethiopia, cars are really expensive and this is majorly due to the fact that taxation is very high. The car dealers buy cars from other countries in Europe and America and sell at a high rate due to high taxation given to them by the Ethiopian government and the high price is able to not just get their money back but to make a profit as well. This reasons above are why the Ethiopians have the world’s lowest rate of ownership of cars in the country.

Here is Some List of Costly Cars in Ethiopia:  

  1. 2016 Model-Chevrolet (1 Extra cab. Its engine is Benzin 3.6CC, it is an automatic car: The Chevrolet cost about 1,650,000 (Br).
  2. 2020 Model – Toyota Rav – 4. It is an automatic car, it has a paranoma sun-proof, 360-degree camera, it also has the push button. It costs about Br 4,500,000.