Ethiopia is a country that has the largest capital city in Africa. The largest capital city has a landmass of about 2,400 meters. Ethiopia has over 109 million people living within the country. Their official language is Amharic but they also speak other languages like Somali, Oromo and firgrinya. They have over so languages all over the world. The surrounding countries include Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia and Kenya. The country has a total landmass of 1 million square which is approximately 420,000 square meters. Ethiopia is popular not just for its park and tourist centre but for its landlocked. Ethiopia is the second most populated country in Africa, Nigeria comes first. Ethiopia has over 80 ethnic groups. Many activities, economic wise though are being done on a daily basis in Ethiopia.  Such as agricultural activities, marketing, processing and they also export materials outside the country as well. They are blessed with a diversified range of crops which include legumes, coffee, oilseeds, cereals, potatoes, sugar cane and vegetables.

The poor masses in Ethiopia are so much that around 75% spend their night in the housing for their livestock while others sleep under the bridges amidst temperature. They have over 119 hospitals and 412 health centres.

There a lot of things that might lead to a particular city or country being tagged the dirtiest. Dirty due to a waste product that is not managed well by either the government or the citizen. Gutters that have not been built or was not properly built with excellent materials and this indirectly leads to spoilage of the road.

All these stated above has in the way or the other affected the appearance of the city making people sense it as being dirty or untidy.

In Ethiopia what makes there are a lot of unkept cities such as Gondar and the rest but the dirtiest city in Ethiopia as per rank is the capital city which is Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa was found in the year 1886 by Emperor Menelik II. According to Forbes magazine, Ethiopia’s capital (Addis Ababa) was termed the 6th dirtiest country in the world and claims that the city has the worst problem of sanitation and cleanliness in the country. The index-score range for health and sanitation raking is 37.9 and this was carried out with its basis on the level of improper waste management, services given off by the hospital, infectious diseases, communicable disease and presence or rather level of pollution within the city. Lack of proper sanitation in Addis Ababa has led to a high rate of mortality in an infant.