Bahir Dar

Ethiopia as a country has over 71 cities in the country. There are many exciting things about Ethiopia. First, their dark-skinned colour and the diversity of animals within that country makes them unique. There are some many beautiful and city that can be found in Ethiopia which includes:

  1. Bahir Dar: This particular city is located between Addis Ababa which the federal capital territory of Ethiopia and Dire Dawa. The city of Bahir Dar is endowed with natural elements such as the Nile River, the lake and colourful species of flowers all these attract the tourist to this city.
  2. Gondar: The city of Gondar which is situated in the Amhara region of the northern side of Tana lake was recorded birth of great celebrities of Ethiopia such as Alibirre and Aster Aweke. Gondar’s history boils down to the existence of Jews in Ethiopia due to the structure of stones and place where traditional craft training centre was purchased.
  3. Gembela city of Ethiopia: Gambela is known for its national park on the baro river bank where animals like bush buke, Nile lechwe wartrog, the Ethiopian white-whiskered velvet monkey, buffalo and roan antelope amidst other uncommon animals. Gambela is located at the confluence between baro river and Jajjaba. The animals and national park are what attracts tourists to the city.
  4. Jimma: Jimma is filled with places like Abajipar palace which has its memory traced to history. Jimma is situated in South-West part of Ethiopia, it is genuinely filled with bad roads and poor people but one amazing stuff about the city is that their people are kind and of course a musician known as Alemayehu Eshete was born there.
  5. Awasa: Awasa city is located on the shores of its lake amidst the rift valley there. The Awasa town is known basically for leaving a nightlife. There are night clubs, bars, restaurant, hotels and vacation site. A lot of tourist love to experience nightlife, so I guess the Awasa is the best place for them.

Amidst the above cities mentioned above, there is a city that is the neatest and always receptive of its tourist and it is known as Addis Ababa which is the Federal Capital Territory of Ethiopia.

  1. Gondar: Is a city filled with over one million persons. It is the third-largest capital city with over 1,500 meters. The capital has a zoo which housed over 15 lions and the hairs of the lions were collected for analysis genetically though. They have the Nyala Stadium which held the African championships in Athletics. The Hager flair theatre is located there as well. There are railway, tight rail and airports banks and some many other exciting things in this city. The Gondar is the neatest city in Ethiopia.