Acting has now become a major part of the entertainment industry. The Ethiopians are not left out on this side of the world. There many threats that make one popular, which includes; the ability to be spontaneous, the ability to play different roles and different characters, the emotional stability and physical expression and of all the guys behind the scene do a lot of jobs as well.

Here is the list of actress that is popular due to the role they play in the film industry:

  1. Fenesh Hadera: Hadera was born in the year 1985 December 1st. she was born at the Harlem City of New York, United States of America. Hadera is an Ethiopian-American actress. Her father was a refugee in Ethiopia at Tigrayan while the mother Kin Nicolas is an American. Hadera first appeared on her first movie in 2010 and she has also starred with a lot of actresses as well like Stephanie Holden. She has recently joined in an American crime series titled Baywatch.
  2. Semera Kebebe: Semera was born in 1987, June 18 in the Capital City of Ethiopia which is Addis Ababa but she didn’t grow in Ethiopia, she moved to Houston, Texas located in the United States of America at the age of 10. She is not just an actress but a model, and she’s also a pageant beauty title holder in her country of origin. Kebebe was the queen of Ethiopia when she was crowned Miss Ethiopia United States of America in 2006 and she also won Deputy Miss Africa USA in the same years. She has done different modelling contracts and projects with some many fashion designers.
  3. Ruth Negga: Ruth was born in Addis Ababa the Federal Capital territory of Ethiopia. She was born on 7th January 1982. She’s an Ethiopian Irish actress. Ruth’s father is a medical doctor from Ethiopia while her mother is an Irish who works in Ethiopia as a nurse. She didn’t grow up in Ethiopia. She grew up in London.

Ruth was said to be in a relationship in 2010 with her fellow lead role actor in the film. The actor’s name was Dominic Cooper but sadly they are no longer together.

Ruth has won many awards and being nominated for many awards as well in the Irish Film & Television Academy, British Academy Scotland’s award, London films, New York films amidst others. Ruth has really gone globally through her acting skills.

  1. Fryat Temane: The beautiful Fryat was born in Gondar city in Ethiopia on October 1, 1991. They are from the Mekele town in Ethiopia. She’s not just an actress but a television host as well as a model. She was known popularly for her first movie which is Gadegna Nech in 2014. Fryat has been nominated for so many awards per her acting role. She also owns a local and cuisine restaurant found in the central heart of Ethiopia.