Ethiopia is located in the East part of Africa and it is surrounded by countries like Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan and Somalia. Ethiopia is known for the number of inhabitants. It is the second most populated country in Africa. There are up to so 80 ethnic groups and 71 cities/towns in Ethiopia. They have five official languages which include the Afar, Tigrinya, Oromo, Somali and Amharic. Most of the Ethiopians are orthodox Christians. The country has a longitude of 38045’E and a latitude of 901’N. the largest city found in the country is the Federal Capital Territory of the country which is Addis Ababa. They have the 28th largest landmass in the world.

Ethiopia has a tropical monsoon type of climate. Ethiopia is known popularly for the diverse specie of animal that resides there. The country is said to be the Asian diversity world centre, this is due to the number of different species of birds that are found there. They make use of the Ethiopian calendar.

There are places that are within the country that are very captivating. The natural phenomena of the East Africa, most especially the Ethiopia country is the waterfalls, zoo and the centre that attracts tourist to the country.

Here is a list of places to visit when an opportunity to come into the country arises:

  1. The Addis Ababa: Addis Ababa is not only the capital city of the country but the fourth largest city in Africa. The popular theatre studio where must artist performs there is located in Addis Ababa. The name of the studio is Hagar Fakir. Most inhabitants of the city love to live a nightlife that’s why the city looks so exotic at night. The Bole road in the Addis Ababa city depicts the nightlife that goes on in the city. The second place is Anwar Mosque is found in the Mercato discrete and it is the first mosque and it was built in the early 1900’s. the national museum is not just the oldest museum in the world but in the Southern part of Africa in the Sahara region.
  2. The Nile River falls located in Bahir Dar. Bahir Dar has a special zone. It was previously the capital city of the Gojjan (West) in the early century. It has a stadium of about 60,000 seaters. They have also been able to resolve the urbanization problems. The Blue Nile falls attracts tourists due to its cultural treasures and animals surrounding it, such as monkeys, hippopotamus and pelicans.
  3. Bale Mountains National Park: This national park is located in Bale City of Ethiopia. This national park houses a lot of animals that belong only to their country region. Such animals include simian fox, menelik’s bush buck giant molerats, mountain nyala, it also over 160 bird species which include Rouget’s rail and goose with blue wings and many more.