The Roop – Love Is All We Got

The Roop - Love Is All We Got

THE ROOP Love Is All We Got Stream Music Free

THE ROOP Love Is All We Got Stream Music Online. The Roop presents a new piece, Love Is All We Got. Yes, the group means support for Ukraine. The song can already be listened to on all music listening platforms and of course on the air of Kayfmusic.

The funds, which will be raised for auditions of the song this year on various music platforms, will be used to support the Ukrainians affected by the war. The song and music video for The Roop seeks to express a civic and political stance.

As The Roop musicians themselves say: We, Lithuanians, have a painful collective memory and it has been a source of growing tension and unrest in the world. But even in the worst nightmare, we did not dream that the war would begin in its grossest form.

Looking at the history of Lithuania, we remember the aggression of the Russian regime on several occasions. We were occupied, deported, and killed. Every family has vivid memories of it. The question is: how did we survive? Maybe thanks to love? Love for your families, children, mothers, fathers, and homeland. Our nation, like no other, deeply understands and supports Ukraine.

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