Aster Aweke

There’s a saying that anything a man can do that a woman can do better, the same goes in all entertainment industry and the music industry is not left out in this case at all. Here are some top 10 female artists in Ethiopia.

  1. Aster Aweke: Aster Aweke has gained not just national recognition but international recognition. She’s an Ethiopian singer and performer. She was born in the year 1959 but she began singing at the age of 13 and was so focused on being a successful musician. Her music career started at the Hayer Fiker Theatre in the Federal Capital Territory of the country which is the Addis Ababa. Aster Aweke also tried her hands in the business sector where she opened and named her cafeteria after her song Kaba.
  2. Bizunesh Bekele: Bizunesh Bekele was a soul singer in Ethiopia back in the 1900’s. she was named after an American singer, songwriter and performer Aretha Franklin because they had a similar genre of music which is soul singing. Bizunosh was born in the year 1936. Her most popular songs were Chenk Tibeb and Ayasayegn Chinkun. She also has the ability to speak in 2 diverse languages which include Amharic and Oromiffa, she died in the year 1990 [25th of June]
  3. Betty G: her real name is Bruktwait Getahun. She’s popularly known as Betty G who is an Ethiopian singer and songwriter. She was born and brought up in Addis Ababa. She started her music career in high school. In 2018, she had 6 AFRIMA nominations and won three, she had the model peace price for 2019 and an award from the prime ministers Abiy Ahmed.
  4. Gigi: Her name is Ejigayehu Shibabawo. She’s known popularly by her stage name Gigi. She’s an Ethiopian singer and wealist. She’s been in the limelight since 1997
  5. Meklit Hadero: She is known by Meklit. She was born in Ethiopia and raised in the United States. Meklit has recorded up to five albums. She produced the first singe by herself.
  6. Zeritu Kebebe: Zeritu Kabebe is a very popular Ethiopian singer. She’s very versatile due to all she does. She is a singer, a songwriter, actress, film producer, screenwriter and a social activist. She began her entertainment career at age 21. Her album title Zeritu was the most successful in the country up till date especially the hit single titled Ahidebegan.
  7. Abby Lakew: Abby Lakew was born in the city of Gondar in Ethiopia. She’s an R&B genre singer. She gained popularity in 20078 after her hit single “Man Ale”
  8. Kuku Sebsibe: Kuku sebsibe is a singer and an instrumentalist. Most of her performance are done with the aid of synthesizer and drum machines.
  9. Tigist Shibabaw: Tigist was born at Chagni in 1980’s. She’s Gigi’s sister and she died in January 2008.
  10. Asnaketch Worku: asnaketch was born in 1935. Her music didn’t bring her into fame but the musical instrument did. But she died on the 14th of September 2011.