Comedy is also a branch that has been on the growth level over the years in the entertainment industry. Comedy is an art of being hilarious or inducing laughing atmosphere with a group of persons. The art is being aired on all racial media networks, television, sometimes they come in form of a film, books or done as a stand-up comedy. Comedy is needed for the society positively because it brings forth laughter, happiness and togetherness.

A comedian/comedienne is one who makes people laugh either through their gestures or words they say or even more importantly the ability to use things around one, common experiences within persons to make jokes and bring forth excitement. Comedy has brought a lot of ethnic groups, culture and countries together because we are all able to relate with one hilarious skit comic or another.

There are a lot of comedians around the globe and the Ethiopians are not left on the journey of this branch of entertainment. Laughter is medicine to the soul and heals a weak heart. There are a lot of persons set to entertain people to make them laugh. The Ethiopian comedians amaze their fans and attract their crowd with jokes, mannerism, mimics, gestures and experiences.

There are different forms of comedy which include:

  1. The stand-up comedy is an art of comic performance where the comedian addresses the audience about the experiences around the globe; just in the bid to entertain them. The alternative form of comedy is also a branch in comedy as well. There are different characteristics that should be possessed by a comedian/comedienne and they include:
  2. They know their target audience: the ability to know some of your audience and know little experiences that would put a smile on their faces but it is walking a lion’s den though because not everyone would take it lightly.
  3. You have to shock absorber: This is due to fact that there are jokes you might tell that a lot of persons may not find it funny. You always have to know that you can’t please every person.
  4. You have to learn to speak and make people laugh as long as possible. You have to keep their mind and attention glued to you. There are comedians in Ethiopia which includes
  • Alebachew Teka: Teka was born in Wouragessa town in Ethiopia in the year 1962 and died in 2005. He was Ethiopians best comedian and he made his path into Broadway when he hosted the Alebech talk show, he also starred in an HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia documentary and make people laugh with his hilarious nature. He died on his way to document his new movie. (When he was travelling from Addis Ababa to Jimmy City) he was married and had 3 kids (two daughters and a son).