Abiy Ahmed

For someone to be influential that means he/she has in one way or the other impacted people’s lives, country or society at large.

To be an influential person does not necessarily mean that you have to have a title or go to places, we are only remembered by what we have done and the impacts we have made. The ability to inspire and make people see the opportunities and possibilities around them teaching them how to be and live at their best. Most importantly, an influential person is that they live the life that they teach because it is most easier said than done.

There are persons who have immensely over the years contributed to the growth of their different countries and societies. Some inspire at the City/Town level, Community level, State level, Country-level and Globally at large. In Ethiopia, there are people who have really put their country on the map and as well represented their country well. Such people include Gigi who is a singer and songwriter amidst all.

There are top 5 people in Ethiopia that really influenced and caused a change in their Country. Such persons include:

  1. Abiy Ahmed: Abiy Ahmed who is the prime minister of Ethiopia has brought about remarkable changes in the country just within few years of occupying the seat. Abiy became very influential due to his notable act on gender equality and the increment in the country’s economy. He brought about unity amongst the Ethiopians and Eritreans whose battle last for about 20 years of age. He set a lot of persons in the prison free and also improved the public and private sector of the country.
  2. Amroke Abdella: Amroke Abdella who’s over 38 years of age who is the Microsoft 4 Africa regional director is by far one the most influential person from Ethiopia and this was made known in the edition of Jeune Afrique Magazine. She was also denoted as the best ambassador of the digital revolution. She has embarked on a different project with a different organization such as the hunger project, the Grameen Foundation and world bank inclusive.
  3. Yabebel Fantaye: Yabebel Fantaye is an Ethiopian who is based in South Africa. He’s currently a researcher at the African Institute of Mathematical Science. He did a remarkable act by using the cosmic microwave background to determine the statistical properties of the universe.
  4. Sophia Bekele: Sophia was born in Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia. She’s been very active and been in the limelight since 1990 till date. She’s has done a lot of project with Ethiopian parliament. She’s not an international entrepreneur but a risk manager and policy advisor.
  5. Gezehegne Abera: Abera was born on 1978, April 23rd. He is known for the marathon rare in won in Olympics that took place in 2000.