Addis Ababa University

University was gotten from the word universitas magistrorum et scholarium (Latin) which means “Community of teachers and scholars” in English. A university can also be identified as an institution. A university is a community where academic degrees are awarded in various discipline of a higher level of education. The earliest universities were said to have been found in continents like Asia and Africa. A university is an organization that is handled differently. The chancellors, vice-chancellors, rectors, provosts and deans are known as the board of trustees in an institution. There are two types of university, the private university and public university/institution.

  1. The Public/Federal University: Is an institution that is being handled by the government of the people. They are in total charge of both implementing laws for the school, improving the quality of education given off by the school. The make plans towards the development of the institution. They also fund the school financially. The public/federal institution or university is solely dependent on the government.
  2. Private Institution or University: They are very independent on the government policy, the individual organization or group of persons in charge of the private institutions are the ones that fund the school financially, they make sure to meet up with the various standard of academics, they develop the schools and they also pay taxes as well.

There are several universities in Ethiopia and they have both private and public institutions depending on one’s pocket and the quality of education required. In some countries, the public schools are more expensive while in some other countries the private institutions are very expensive and the public is very cheap and are well recognized.

Here are some universities that are found in Ethiopia

  1. Addis Ababa University: Addis Ababa is the top-ranking university in Ethiopia. It is a public institution that was found in 1950 the Addis Ababa University is located in the capital city of Ethiopia. They are recognized by the ministry of education in the country. They offered diverse courses to be studied not just a bachelor’s level but masters and doctorate degree levels. The follow selective admission pattern which has good academics record in one’s previous school.
  2. The second top-ranked university is the Jimma University: The Jimma University is located in a small city called Jimma in Ethiopia. It is also a public institution and it’s recognized in the country. It offers varieties of courses.

Other institutions include Bahir Dar University, Hawassa University, Arba Minch and so on.