information technology

When IT comes in play, the only thing it reminds of generally is computers. II is the abbreviation for Information Technology. In the recent age and century, everything is done basically has to do with either computer or technology. The recent pandemic which was brought about by coronavirus has also helped to learn through the means of technology very visible. Companies do their meeting and also meet up with deadlines with aid of the technology, we could learn a lot of skills through technology, the same goes for buying and selling.

Information Technology training has to do with teaching person skills needed to develop the technology of a particular field. Most Information Technology training usually has connections with either building up an application, starting an implementation, developing the technological designs and then the proper management of information in a system. The IT training section is divided into different division depending on what and how an IT training industry channels their energy.

Here is the list of some of the section in information technology include:

  1. Cyber Security: this information technology training program is generally centred on system security and networking. The cybersecurity has to do with shielding the computer and every other related network from being stolen or been mismanaged or damaged/broken.
  2. Programming and Database: This aspect of information technology has to do with the programming language and the construction of database information. A database helps to ensure the easy accessibility of data which is controlled by a database engine. Programming is creating, maintaining and extending a created code which interpreted and compiled by system computation to do a very tedious job.

Other aspect includes Enterprise business application and many more. In Ethiopia, there are many information technology centres which include.

  1. 2KO Information Technology Centre: 2KO is an information technology centre that is very popular in the country. 2KO is known in Africa for its human development, technological wise though. They give off the best form of training needed to develop a person in terms of technology and other forms of programming and database. 2KO IT training institute is located in Addis Ababa which is the capital of Ethiopia. They offer courses like Sun, Linux, Oracle, CompTIA, Microsoft cisco and so much more than you can imagine and give certificate after training as well. There are many more training institutes such as federal technical and vocational educational and training institute (FTVETI), executive education and education foreign service training institute in Addis Ababa.