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The bullied outcasts at the prestigious Al Rawabi School for Girls schemed a series of risky dismounts to get back at their detractors.

Audience reviews

Rizek Abu Manneh: I started watching Al Rawabi School for Girls purely due to my interest in film making and curiosity about this Jordanian production on Netflix. However, I was a bit hesitant at first because I thought this show was just another “teenage drama” which really isn’t my cup of tea, and also because of the bad aftertaste left by the previous Jordanian Netflix production “Jinn”.
As such, it was a very pleasant surprise for me to find out that this show was much more than just a “teenage drama”. This show provides very relevant and on-point social commentary on the Jordanian and Arab community, and, in addition to the universally relevant issue of bullying, it tackles a lot of the issues faced by girls and young women specifically in this part of the world.
The story and dialogue are very well-written with three dimensional characters and shifting perspectives of right and wrong. This is all exemplified in the last episode and the build-up to the dark twist at the end of the series.
The acting is decent (at least by the main cast), with a few sprinkles of well-delivered comedy that really hit home. The directing is excellent with outstanding cinematography (I don’t think Amman ever looked better on film). The choice of soundtrack is excellent and features a collection of songs from independent artists all over the Arab world (I found myself listening to some of them on my Spotify a few days after I finished the show).
All in all, I would definitely recommend watching Al Rawabi School for Girls. It is a very good and interesting watch, it also debuts a lot of promising new Jordanian talent.

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Muna Abdulla: The first thing that caught my eye was the cast, you can see evil in some of those girls faces and the way they carry themselves. Then I was just impressed by how good the actresses were, the script and how natural everything seemed. it was very well scripted, directed and casted. From the first few minutes I was already living among those girls and felt all the energy everyone was projecting. Watching the show was a complete experience. I felt for each and every person, lived in all their shoes and it happened so naturally. nothing felt overly expressed or even scripted for the matter of fact. all events happened as would be expected in real life. I am highly impressed and honestly built an emotional connection with each other the characters. Now coming to the story line, I had no expectations thinking it was another mean girls – bullying story but I was so far off from what it actually was. It’s not just another bullying story, it was so emotional, thrilling and you never expect what could happen which keeps you always guessing and anticipating. I finished the series in one sitting FYI (im not one to even sit and watch shows really). What a roller coaster it was watching the show. It also didn’t formulate or try to project something unreal considering the setting. thats why it was so easy to relate and live all moments. And…THE MUSIC. Every little detail was a piece of art. the attention to detail and the work that was put into this show, showed in each second of the series. I want to thank all the artists that took part in producing such beautiful master piece. This should be an inspiration to many artists and directors. Also the theme or lesson to be learned; well message was very much delivered, in the most beautiful way. P.S. first time writing a review on a show but it was a must.

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Jasmine Tbakhi: I am so proud that they came out with this serie! So well done the girls did a great job, so happy to actually see that they are trying their best to care for their community and show the truth of fear so many girls live in from being bullied to having their parents give them everything but still nothing. They way they live in fear of having to cover form their parents normal things and the violence they go through of being caught from having a relationship. They way so many girls are called cheap for having their selfies taken without hijab being threatened of having their pictures sent everywhere. I am so proud to see them this way finally Jordan will step up and hopefully become more famous in the social world of trying to change the picture for all girls/women. Jordan is a beautiful country with so many beautiful people and yet so many backwarded people, it’s time to develop! <3 <3